Before starting your own cleaning company in USA, you must take preliminary decisions.

A caterer or catering business is hired to provide food, beverages, and service for functions ranging from intimate dinner parties to weddings, conferences, and other events for hundreds or even thousands of people.

Understanding your industry: Why halal catering?

The Need

Individuals, organizations, and businesses use catering companies for special events and occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, charity galas and business conferences. In today’s busy life where all the family members or at least most of them work and have busy schedules, catering services comes as a major relief as the families can have a regular order to catering companies for their daily food requirements. Another aspect of the catering services is hospitality events management services where you can offer a one stop solution to your client when it comes to make their event memorable.


The market value of halal food market reached US$ 1,978 Billion in 2021. The IMARC group forecasted that by 2027 the market value will reach US$ 3,907.7 Billion following a CAGR of 11.24% between 2022-2027.The catering market in the United States is huge—and growing. According to Technomic’s 2017 “Catering Usage and Preferences” report, the catering market topped $58 billion that year. Of that market, more than a third—over $22 billion—went to business catering (B2B), and the balance of nearly $36 billion went to social catering (B2C). These commanding numbers suggest that catering is a big business opportunity that’s only getting bigger.

Return on Investment

  • 35% ROI per annum
  • 5 – 3 Years Break Even
  • $6,000 – $8,000 Income Per Month

Overview of the budget

Before starting any business, the main question is what is the amount of investment you want to inject in the business? What is your starting capital?

For a catering company a minimum of a 100K$ is required. This amount may vary depending on number of factors such as location, space etc.  Investment amount will be calculated at actual and progressively as on every stage of the process would involve a budget price and its deliverables, so as to keep the investors fully updated and transparent. An additional 25% of the investment amount to be kept in business bank account for operating expenses. This amount includes at a minimum three (3) months of average projected expenses to cover startup costs, working capital costs, and contingency financing.

Choose a Location

You must decide the location of your business. Decide which state, city and area is feasible for you. Number of factors can influence your decision such as family orientation, market study and scope of growth.

Make a Business Plan

Once you’ve made all the executive decisions, another essential step is to make a detailed business plan. There are number of topics you must cover in the business plan which are as follows:

  • Executive summary
  • Business model
  • Business objectives
  • Mission statement
  • Vision statement
  • Core values
  • Company summary
  • Location and property details
  • Services description
  • Market analysis: SWOT, PESTEL Analysis
  • Marketing strategy: 4 P’S
  • Business Structure
  • Operations plan: personnel requirements
  • Financial plan
  • Feasibility report and projections
  • Exist strategy

Register your business

If you plan to start a business in USA the first step is that you must register a company in USA irrespective if you are a US Citizens, Resident or Non-Resident and to form a US company from anywhere in the world. You can setup a company in any of the 50 US States to make your business dream come true. Our USA company registration services include everything you need to get your company fully incorporated and operational in the United States.

US Business Address

To open a company in the United States, you are required to have a US business address in the state of incorporation.

Apply for licenses and permits

Apply for all the licenses and permit as per the state laws

Procure the right insurances and bonds

Get the right business insurances to protect your company

Mail Forwarding

In conjunction with US business address services, our USA company registration services also provide mail handling at your designated business address and the forwarding of mail via scanned email or physical forwarding to your address anywhere in the world.

Contact Number

As a part of our business establishment services and mandatory requirements in many of the situation, we provide a virtual phone number for your business which is dedicated to your business exclusively and is available to answer any of your business communication.

Registered Agent Services

A registered agent is a responsible third-party who is in the same state in which a business entity was established and who is designated to receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications, usually tax forms and notice of lawsuits, on behalf of the corporation or LLC.

Obtaining an EIN Tax ID

An EIN Tax ID is required by the IRS and U.S Banks to track your business associated income and operate your business legally.

Registration of DBA

A “Fictitious Business Name” (FBN) or “Doing Business As” name (DBA) is a name you choose to do business under that can be different from the official legal name of your LLC or corporation. Fictitious business names normally need to be filed with the Secretary of State or other entity that governs business formation in your state.

Benefits of Cleaning company

Market Growth Factors

High demand for catering services

The demand for halal catering services has soared drastically. Muslim community now prefers services halal catering services instead of international cuisine. The sales and distribution of products in the US happen primarily through organized and modern retail channels. Globally, the sale of halal food is mainly dominated by wet and traditional markets. But in the US, the sale of halal food is through modern retail channels like supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and more. With growing demand for halal foods, a greater number of retailers are selling halal labeled food products. It is mandatory for the supermarkets and other retailers who supply halal food, to clearly label halal. In 2016, more than 7500 places sold halal food the US as compared to nearly 200 places in 1998.

Significant demand for Catering services

There is a drastic increase in halal catering services. Instead of going towards the international cookery Muslim community preferably go towards the Halal catering services. Initially in the US, the procedure of distribution and sales of goods is done through retail channels. Worldwide, the dominancy of the halal food market is represented traditionally. Usually in the US market considerably the biggest one the halal food services are typically provided by supermarkets and convenience stores. But over time requisitions for Halal foods increased potentially. There are significant demands for halal foods to be fulfilled. Now it is one of the main necessities that labelled halal products must be provided in retails to coop with the incoming demand. If we look at the year 2016, several 7500 places have been activated and worked as halal services in the US in comparison to the year 1998. Rising Muslim population in the country

Rising Muslim Community in USA

The Muslim community is a minor part of the US population. But the follower of the Religion Islam constitutes 1/3rd of the total world population. Through comparison and contrast, non-Christian communities are still in growth, but the Muslim population is increasing exponentially. Back in 2015, the highest growing community was Jewish and Almost 3.1 million Muslim communities occupied the US population. And the increase in population that is expected by 2050 would be 8 million and ranking it the largest expanding community. There is a considerable increase in Muslim Immigrants. The basic rise in population is a high birth rate, so the growth of halal food services is expected to be greater than the conventional rate.

Increase in disposable income

The source of income plays a vital role in availing of the catering services. In recent times, there has been an increase in the disposable income of people across the world. With this disposable income, people’s lifestyles have also altered dramatically. They now prefer hiring catering services for their events and get togethers instead of cooking themselves. Furthermore, high income often follows a hectic work schedule and rigorous lifestyle, leaving no time for cooking. In such circumstances, people prefer to outsource their cooking chores, helping the industry to flourish even further.

Able to operate at a low cost

From an investment point of view, halal catering requires the rental of shops, acquisition of equipment, and decoration. For this, the input cost is at least 150,000, and there is no operational experience. Simultaneously, we can employ marketing methods such as online promotion to make the service swift and more user-friendly. And you will earn more money.

Launch your company

Once your documents and business plan are set, you are ready to launch your company. There are multiple steps as per the nature of your business that you can take.


If you are opening a retail or physical business, you must get your inventory in order and set up the company infrastructure. Before the launch, the office must be set up, the supplies must be in stocks.

  • Form contracts with vendors
  • Form contracts with suppliers
  • Form contracts with the third-party sellers
  • Set up the logistics department
  • Hire the team as per the company structure decided in the business plan
  • Get your CRM set-up

Launch event

Having a ribbon cutting ceremony and launch event can be crucial for a new business. It is a way to announce to the community of your arrival. Launch events can play an important factor in market placement. The event can be small or big depending on the nature of your business. While it is not an essential step, it plays a vital role in branding of the company.


The key to a successful company launch is establishing a promotional mix to reach the right set of audience and create a niche in the market. With proper advertisement we will tell our customers what sets us apart from the competitors. There are several channels through we can market our services. The first step is to create a logo and set a theme for our branding.  The logo will be used at all platforms so that maximum people in the area knows about your business.

Social Media Platforms

Digital transformation and marketing became the key components of successful operations. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest   accounts can be created   where targeted market campaigns will be launched to reach the audience.  Have an online presence with constant updates is essential as social media platforms has greater reach in today’s globalized world. The social media accounts will have creative graphics, catchy slogans and eye-catching posts  and animations  that  reaches  are  target  audience.  We have a digital marketing team that will keep the audience engage the audience and devise marketing plans for the target audience. Different contests, give aways and engagement posts will be created to maximize engagement on the social media platforms.

  • Facebook – Facebook makes it easy to set up a business page and have users follow us. From our business   page, we can post   operating hours and services offered. Customers can also provide a review on our Facebook business   page, and better reviews help more potential customers find our pag
  • Twitter – Twitter also allows us to create a business page. Having a Twitter business page will enable us to create paid advertisements to reach more potential customers.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a professional platform and a free way to post job openings. It is also a great way to create awareness for our cleaning company’s bran
  • Instagram – Recently, Instagram has become the primary platform for social influencers who have a large following and usually get paid to promote businesses and products. Influencers can collaborate with you on how to promote our cleaning business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing today is very saturated, but there is a good reason for it. Email is a quick and inexpensive way to reach our audience.  As mentioned earlier, developing a conversion website to collect contact information like email addresses is one  of the  best  ways to grow our network.  To expand our email reach beyond those who have visited  our website,  we can purchase  email lists. Companies like Mail Chimp, ZoomInfo, Exact Data, and Sleeknote  provide lists that we can buy based on the demographic information you provide, improving how you market your cleaning business.


Having an effective online and advertising strategy is important, but it is also important  to meet up with potential  customers  in person.  Establishing a personal connection with prospective clients may lead to new customers  and  customer  referrals. Join our local chamber of commerce  to meet  other professionals in your town  or city. They may become potential  clients or simply grow  your list of connections.  Getting involved in community events  is another  excellent way to meet customers and build our network and how to market a cleaning business


This strategy  for marketing our cleaning business  will help you get seen on the road and by people  who may not have seen you any other way.

Purchase door hangers and flyer local neighborhoods.

As we are not allowed to put your business flyers in private mailboxes, but we can put them on doors.  Door hangers are less likely to fly away and are an easy way to share your cleaning business’s information.

Place Your Business Card at Local Businesses.

Many local eateries, gas stations, and other small shops will allow you to set your business  cards out for free. Network with local business owners and ask if we can take advantage of some free promotion.


Many websites offer free blogging plugins that you can add to our website. Creating informative blogs that are relevant to your cleaning business will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and drive more traffic to your site.

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