User Agreement

User Agreement

 Welcome to Startup Business Bureau!

By signing our retainer / service agreement, hiring our professional / management services, visiting our website / office/s, and accessing the information, knowledge, procedure, resources, services, products, and tools we provide, you understand and agree to accept and adhere to the following terms and conditions as stated in this policy (hereafter referred to as ‘User Agreement’), along with the terms and conditions as stated in our retainer / service agreement. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of Startup Business Bureau without any prior notice. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this User Agreement (available on our website) periodically to familiarize yourself with any modifications. Your continued use of our site/services after such modifications will constitute acknowledgment and agreement of the modified terms and conditions.

  1. Startup Business Bureau reserve the right not to provide any service without the client agreeing to our terms and conditions as set out here. These Terms & Conditions govern the provision of all services provided by Startup Business Bureau in the processing of any immigration, citizenship, visa application and other ancillary services for their clients. All orders made by our clients are subject to the terms and conditions set out herein.
  2. All the information / procedure explained is believed to be reliable based on the current fact & figures but is not guaranteed and intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered an authoritative guide on how to grow business, gain success, obtain a visa, work permit, personal or business migration, and citizenship with any prejudice on Startup Business Bureau.
  3. Startup Business Bureau or any of its associated or affiliated businesses, cannot accept any obligation and responsibility for any risk, loss, damage or inconvenience caused by reliance on this content or any errors or omissions.
  4. Startup Business Bureau acts as a Business Consultant assisting in business related services only as mentioned in the scope of services of the signed retainer agreement.
  5. The objective of the Company is to assist in preparing, presenting and to provide consultancy advice, recommendations, and assistance in starting or acquiring a qualifying business to the best of their knowledge and skills in compliance with the e Visa guidelines, and procedures of the respective authorities.
  6. Startup business bureau doesn’t constitute any representation, warranty or guarantee of any kind whatsoever, and will not stand liable for any direct or indirect loss, loss of profit, personal / business opportunities, emotional disturbances, special or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with any delay in performance or non-performance due to whatsoever the reason may be.
  7. Startup Business Bureau relies on an outside vendor for website hosting and some technology solutions. Startup Business Bureau is not responsible for any website downtime or service interruptions associated with any technology problem(s), Internet problem(s), or any other type of problem(s) and is in no way obligated to make monetary reimbursements or refunds for any reason.
  8. Startup business bureau in no way providing any legal, accounting, or business advice relating to the purchase or sale of any business or franchise, the hiring of any service advertiser, or the purchase of any products advertised on the website or making any business investment or migration decisions. We strongly advise the users to consult with independent third parties prior to their engagement and commitment.
  9. The case is accepted considering the eligibility of the Client on the day of acceptance and signing of this Agreement. The Company shall not be liable or held responsible for any retrospective changes in the laws, policies, procedures, and regulations that may affect the application. No claims can be entertained in this regard.
  10. Startup Business Bureau will not be held responsible for costs / damages incurred due to a delay in the performance / non-performance of the application due to any reason whatsoever it may be.
  11. The final decision on any application is based on the sole discretion of the concerned authorities and is beyond the control or influence of the Company. In case of rejection, Client will be responsible to bear all fees & expenses to appeal to the concerned authorities.
  12. Unless otherwise expressed, Startup Business Bureau expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.
  13. Startup Business Bureau will use and rely on information and documents provided by the client, which should be true, valid, legal and correct in all respects. Bogus, false, or misleading information or documents, including documents of identity, is a criminal offence and the Company is not responsible for any liabilities or actions whatsoever.
  14. It is the client’s responsibility to provide us with all required information and documentation concerning an application. This may include but is not limited to documentation from third parties such as partners, family, employers, sponsors, assessment bodies, educational bodies, etc. If the required documentation does not meet with the requirements of Startup Business Bureau and other governing bodies, we retain the right not to lodge that application until we have received all the required information in order to do so. Startup Business Bureau will not independently verify or assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such documents or information.
  15. The Client shall notify the Company of any change in address & contact details or if there is any change in the Client’s circumstances, which may affect the application.
  16. The Client agrees to submit his/her documents to the Company within the time frame communicated and in its required format. The company has a right to stop its services in case if requirements are not satisfactorily fulfilled and Company will not be responsible for any future claims from the Client as well.
  17. The Client agrees not to exert pressure on the company to lodge their application(s). Should the Client exert excessive pressure on the Company, the Company reserves the right to terminate the Client Contract and payments made by the Client to the Company are not refundable.
  18. The Company has advised the Client not to sell property, leave employment or finalize business or personal matters of whatsoever nature until written advice or approval has been received from the respective authorities.
  19. The relevant application process stages will only commence after the Company has received the full amount of the applicable installment(s).
  20. The Client agrees and understands the Company is only a consultancy firm and cannot give any type of guarantee for obtaining the appropriate approvals.
  21. Our fee may need to be changed without prior notice based on external price / cost variations.
  22. Any processing times shown on promotional materials are standard/average processing times. Any processing times advised by Startup Business Bureau through its different channels should be used as a guide only.
  23. The Client hereby understands and acknowledges the fact that Consultant is not an investment advisor, tax attorney, legal consultant, or immigration attorney at law.
  24. Startup Business Bureau is not liable for any costs arising from any action or inaction of any immigration authority, embassy, government & non- government body associated with any application or indeed for the non-provision of service from any third party associated with the process or delivery, which may result in an application or any part in the application process being delayed or refused as a result.
  25. Startup Business Bureau will not be held responsible should the authorities or any other third party change their rules, regulations, or processing requirements even if that change has a direct effect on the timeline for delivery.
  26. If the Client decides to withdraw or cancel the application after signing this Agreement the Company shall not be liable for any refund of administrative fees or legal consulting fees and will have every right to recover any balance of payment or fees due from the Client as per the Schedule of Fees of the Company.
  27. The service charges or consultancy fee is not refundable regardless of the outcome of the Client’s application.
  28. An embassy may decide to review an application in the destination country rather than at the local embassy. This decision is at the discretion of the embassy, and it is not something that would be known in advance by Startup Business Bureau hence would not be responsible for any delay / losses of whatsoever nature.
  29. Startup Business Bureau cannot influence any decision made by any respective authority, any requests for additional information before finalizing n application, any delay by any authority in the processing of an application / file, or a decision to refuse / reject an application.
  30. The immigration authority/officer has the sole decision on the term of a visa that they grant. This term may be less than the term expected or requested by the client. Similarly, the immigration authority / officer has the sole decision on the activation date that they place on a granted visa. This date may be prior to the date expected or requested by the client. Startup Business Bureau is not responsible for the term of any visa issued or the activation date placed on a visa by an immigration authority even. Startup Business Bureau has no authority or control to change this term/date.
  31. Startup Business Bureau will not be liable for any application being refused nor any additional costs arising from such a refusal (including travel costs) should situations of conflicting information between authorities arise.
  32. Startup Business Bureau strives to use its best endeavors to process all applications within the timelines committed / advertised and to minimize any delay or inconvenience which may arise. However, Startup Business Bureau doesn’t guarantee any time guidelines for any application and will also not be held responsible for any damages which may include but are not limited to cost of flights, rent of accommodation, hotel booking and loss of earnings or any other costs incurred due to a delay in application processing by authorities or whosoever.
  33. Client acknowledges the fact the Startup Business Bureau has explained / educated him to best of their knowledge about the procedure and requirements about the services (plan / package) for which he/she is applying for. And the Company cannot be held responsible for any misunderstanding / misinterpretation hereafter.
  34. Startup Business Bureau cannot lodge a visa application until it has complete documentation as outlined in the registration pack and any subsequent documentation requested by Startup Business Bureau from the main applicant.
  35. Startup Business Bureau cannot be held responsible for any expense and/or delay arising from incomplete application forms, inaccurate/false or incomplete information provided or inaccurate/false or incomplete supporting documentation.
  36. Startup Business Bureau is not responsible for applications that have become ineligible because of changes in Immigration policy at any stage of the immigration process. Any application that is not lodged to the Immigration Authorities may also be affected by changes in Immigration policy.
  37. Certain documentation required for a student / Visa / Immigration application may be valid for a certain period of time and become invalid thereafter (for example medicals, skills assessment results, police clearance reports). It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the documentation provided to Startup Business Bureau at the time of submitting a visa application is valid and within date.
  38. Should you choose to purchase any of the services offered by Startup Business Bureau, either electronically or via the telephone; and wish to settle payment for that service by either bank draft, cheque, credit card, debit card or bank transfer, you acknowledge that you agree to the Startup Business Bureau terms of service. You acknowledge that you are responsible for any additional fees that may be required to facilitate the application or ancillary service.
  39. Startup Business Bureau will not provide any service until payment has been made to Startup Business Bureau in full for that service. Startup Business Bureau is not responsible for any repercussions of not providing the service in question.
  40. Startup Business Bureau will not be responsible to accept any refund claim in case if any of the authorities may change any policy during the process timings.
  41. Fees paid to Startup Business Bureau are non-refundable should you withdraw an application that you have kept on hold for a period longer than 3 months, even if that application might have never been submitted to the Authorities.
  42. Startup Business Bureau reserves the right, at its discretion, to change service providers or any other parties involved in providing any of our ancillary services/products as deemed appropriate by Startup Business Bureau.
  43. In the event of loss or damage to any important or sensitive documents received, Startup Business Bureau liability will be limited to the actual value of the passport and documents up to a maximum of $100 per paid application. Startup Business Bureau accepts no liability for consequential loss.
  44. Startup Business Bureau shall not be held responsible under any circumstance to compensate you for any loss, damage or delay of passports or travel documents by any third party (authorities / attorneys / courier / delivery Company).
  45. The provision of Consultancy services from Startup Business Bureau to a client ends as soon as the scope of services is completed. No further work or services will be provided or included from Startup Business Bureau to the client as part of the service provision unless already included in the original contract.
  46. Correspondence between any vendors and Startup Business Bureau with regards to any application is strictly confidential and is not subject to further distribution to third parties (including main applicants).
  47. The duties and obligations of both the parties towards the other party and / or to any third party are limited to the terms and conditions of this agreement only.
  48. Startup Business Bureau doesn’t constitute any representation, warranty, or guarantee of any kind whatsoever, and will not stand liable for any direct or indirect loss, loss of profit, personal / business opportunities, emotional disturbances, special or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with any delay in performance or non-performance due to whatsoever the reason may be.
  49. Any Fee / Amount paid by the Client to the Company will only be through a cheque under the name of “Startup Business Bureau” or through Bank Transfer or a Credit Card Payment and the Company will not be responsible for any cash transaction under any circumstances.
  50. Non-compliance with standard procedures may result to non-Claimable application suspension.
  51. Payment of services is due prior to the activation of any advertising service. According to the periodic billing plan you choose, Business Broker, Agent, Consultant and other Directory membership accounts/listings are considered subscriptions that will be billed to your credit card on an ongoing basis.
  52. All the content, logo, drafts, blogs, trademark, service marks, is the intellectual property of Startup Business Bureau. Any unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.
  53. The use of the site, its content, listings, and any other area is strictly prohibited for our direct or indirect competitors, nor shall you provide, disclose or transmit any portion of the Site to any direct or indirect competitor of us. In case if you need to work with us, you need to choose our affiliate program and that is subject to approval.
  54. You agreed and will be fully liable to indemnify and keep us indemnified against and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs, and expenses of any kind or character, whether director or incidental, including without limitation court costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees, expert witness’ fees, interest, fees, and penalties incurred by us as a result of your use of this Site.
  55. Startup Business Bureau is a privately held single member limited liability company and is not regulated or affiliated by any financial services authority or other such regulatory body and you are strictly prohibited from offering any form of bonds, securities, collective investment schemes, financial advice or any similar such arrangements.

The agreement will be considered as executed in the scenarios like:

  • Completion of Agreement: Scope of services rendered and/or final determination is announced.
  • Termination of the Agreement at Will: If Client wants to withdraw the application, cancel the agreement, or discharge the Consultant from its responsibilities.
  • Breach of Agreement: Any breach of the clause of this agreement and / or commitment.
  • Restriction to Execute: In any force majeure condition, limitations from the state or federal authorities or any other situation where the execution of service is restricted or limited.
  • Pause or Stop of Services: If Client wants to pause or stop the services and doesn’t resume the process or remains not in a positive contact for 90 days.

This Agreement shall continue in full force and effect until either party may terminate this in the following circumstances:

       a) for cause, upon providing 45 days written notice to the other party.

       b) without cause, upon 120 days written notice to the other party.

       c) Any restrictions / limitation imposed by the Authorities in conducting the business.

       d) For the purposes of this clause, “cause’ shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. One of the parties having committed an act of fraud or having engaged in dishonesty or serious misconduct.
  2. One of the parties having breached any of the terms of this agreement.
  3. Any dispute among the parties, which is not settled and may impact the business operations and continuity.
  4. Client makes a delay / stop covering business expenses or cost of doing business, Business suffers or continue to suffer losses and / or Client reaches to its investment capacity / budget or due to any reason except force majeure conditions, plans / decides to pause, delay or shut down business operations.
  5. Consultant fails to perform its duties of Management Services or cause a negligence or incompetency.
  • At the time of termination of the agreement:

         a) all the services as per the terms of the agreement will cease.

         b) any time during or after the termination, both parties agreed to maintain the confidentiality of Confidential Information.

       c) All the intellectual property of the Business used or created by the     Consultant will remain the custody / property of the Consultant or its affiliates.

        d) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, all the payments, compensation, and fee accrued / due till date of termination, must be cleared within 30 days from the date of termination.


Client hereby understands that the creation and potential growth of the Client’s business carries financial and other risks. Client hereby understands that business is a volatile venture that is subject to numerous business risks, including but not limited to:

  • a changing legal environment in which regulations can emerge or change that affects the commercial sale of products or render of service.
  • economic changes that affect consumer spending, the emergence of recessions due to economic and other issues (including public health issues) and the like.
  • changes in the popular appeal of and demand for different types of products and services.
  • changes in federal or state laws and regulations, which can materially affect or even interfere with the marketability of Client’s business or its products and services.
  • market forces, including increased and changing levels of competition for any given product or services from other businesses in the market.
  • unforeseen events, force majeure, public health concerns, and other external events that could affect the performance of any business.

Client hereby understands that there are no guarantees made by Consultant or otherwise as to the business’s sales, income, or profitability at any time, and acknowledges that Client is at risk of a total loss of his / her or its investment.

The client acknowledges the substantial risks generally involved with any business. Client recognizes that there is a possibility that subsequent to the execution of this Agreement, Client may discover facts or incur or suffer claims which were unknown or unsuspected at the time this Agreement was executed, and which if known by Client at that time may have materially affected Client’s decision to execute this Agreement. By operation of this Agreement, and in particular the disclaimers of Consultant contained in the preceding subsections, Client assumes any and all risks of such unknown facts and such unknown and unsuspected claims and expressly releases Consultant for any liability which Consultant could have had in connection therewith in the absence of the release herein provided by Client to Consultant. Consultant encourages Client to only invest funds that Client can afford to invest in an illiquid basis over a longer term and perhaps ultimately lose, and to consult Client’s legal and/or business advisors prior to investing in the business.


Client acknowledges that during the Term of this Agreement Client will have access to Consultant’s Confidential Information which, if disclosed, could assist in competition against Consultant by third parties. Client recognizes the highly competitive nature of Consultant’s business, services, and its trade secrets, and that Consultant conducts its business physicals and / or electronically, through digital media, social media, both locally and throughout the United States. Therefore, Client agrees that the following restrictions on Client’s activities are necessary to protect the good will, Confidential Information, and other legitimate business interests of Consultant, which restrictions are fair and supported by adequate consideration: shareholders, employees, Non-Competition, agents, the Term members of the Agreement, and for two (2) years following the termination of this Agreement (the “Restricted Period”), Client shall not be involved, directly or indirectly, whether as owner, partner, investor, consultant (paid or unpaid), agent, employee, co-venturer or otherwise, with any business that manages, operates, or promotes such or similar business/es or business transactions directly, indirectly or on behalf of third parties anywhere in the United States, regardless of whether Client is physically located within the United States or outside of the United States.

During the Restricted Period, Client agrees that it will not, directly, or indirectly through another Person:

  • induce or attempt to induce any employee or contractor of Consultant to leave the employ or contract of Consultant, or in any way interfere with the relationship between Consultant and any of its employees or contractors, or
  • induce or attempt to induce any customer, supplier, client, distributor, vendor, licensee, or other business relation of Consultant to cease doing business with Consultant, or in any way interfere with Consultant’s relationship with any such party.

I hereby declare & acknowledge that the details & documents furnished during application procedure are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I undertake to inform you of any changes therein, immediately. In case any of the above information is found to be false or untrue or misleading or misrepresenting, I am aware that I may be held liable for it. I hereby authorize sharing of the information furnished on this form with Startup Business Bureau and read and agree on the terms and conditions set by the company.


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