Mode of Payment - Startup Business Bureau

Mode of Payment

Mode of Payment

For an ease of our valuable clients, Startup Business Bureau offer multiple payment options given as below;

  • Pay by Cheque
    • Cheques issued under the name of “Startup Business Bureau” can be dropped to our office.
    • We can arrange for a pickup as per your convenience.
  • Pay by Cash – Cash dealing is only allowed with the premises of Startup Business Bureau – Virginia office in exchange with the company receipt only.
  • Bank Transfer – Bank Transfer, ACH and Wire (Cash / Online)
  • Startup Business Bureau is not responsible for any direct / cash / un-authorized payment to any of its representatives (direct /indirect).
  • An extra amount of 3% will be charged in case of credit card transaction as Bank Fee.

For any further explanation / discussion, please feel free to contact our hotline +1-571-800-0180