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About the Founder

Mr. Raheel Sheikh is the Founder of Startup Business Bureau.

He is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned business management consultant and investment migration advisor with over a decade of global experience, engaged relentlessly and consistently to carve a niche by providing an informed consultation to business aspirants and high net-worth individuals to devoid the complexities and for the successful disposition of their business startup, growth, expansion, and alternative residence objective  across the globe in general and particularly to USA.

He is a versatile and professionally invigorated veteran entrepreneur with business acumen, having a result-oriented approach and potential to grow by self-motivation with professional qualifications. He has a proven record in management and ability to transform struggling businesses into most sustained organization in short period of time and open multiple revenue streams with cost minimization & profit maximization. A growth consultant with proven management skills & expertise.

Thanks to the resilience of his progressive vision and a robust adaptation to an ever-changing economic environment, he has maintained stable growth and achieved all the traditional industry benchmarks to bring his firm to a stable 7-figure consulting firm and successfully consulted businesses worth of above $400M.


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