How to do LLC Registration for your business?

If you want to register your company to do business in the USA, you can opt for the most common choice known as a Limited Liability Company. Read on for more details on how to register your company as a LLC in different states of USA.

The Limited Liability Company is abbreviated as LLC. If you want to extend your Business in the USA the best way is a Company Formation and Registration in the USA. In Company registration the LLC is considered as the best business structure to go for. To get registered as a Limited Liability Company, you should be aware of the requirements and terms and conditions of the US state to set down your company on a Legal basis.

US company Registration procedure is open for overseas business people who want to register their company here. Many serving agents are also available for US Business services like Registration of a company, including the formation of a US bank account and getting your all business registration done.

There are some other Mandatory steps includes for having LLC which include getting EIN. LLC is not restricted to only US residents but anyone can register LLC in the USA. No matter whether you belong to any Foreign country, the US does not constrain you to Register a company in the USA.

Following are the Major steps for LLC Registration;

You will find these steps helpful for starting up of LLC Registration. If you require help there are plenty of organizations and agents who provide services for LLC registration in the USA.

Business availability search and reservation;

First of all, you must undertake due diligence to analyse the Business which you are going to invest in the US economy. After that check for a suitable name for a business. The Name assigned must be easy to remember and it must not consist of arduous terms. Attorney and university terms are usually prohibited to use for LLC naming because of integration with the Government Agencies.

 USA business Address;

Physical Address is necessary for all aspects as you also need to open a bank account. To get a business address you have to open a physical office in a state you are forming the LLC in.  Most Registering agents also assist in getting you a business address.  

In case you are a Non-Resident of the USA then a local registered agent provides you the services. They receive and scan credentials on your behalf and forward them to you online.

Registered agent services

Registered agents are legal action parties. Registering an agent to process services provides a helping hand to receive legal communication and documents on your behalf. For the ease of doing all procedures, the Registered Agent must be a resident of the state in which you are registering your company. 

Registered companies make your LLC procedure more orderly, concise, and comprehensible.

 Filling state document

To register your LLC officially, filing state document is necessary. More specifically it is also called Articles of Organization or Formation Certificate.

This formation document states the basic organizational structure of the Business as well as whether it is manager managed or owner managed.

State filing fee;

For document processing and filing a Fee is charged by the relevant state. Filing procedures cover the cost of documentation. Filing cost for forming an LLC is different for different states. It varies from state to state. Below is given some data for a filing fee of different states.

State LLC filling fee
Alaska $250
Arizona $50
Florida $155
Texas $310
Virginia $104

Another interesting thing is that the states of Delaware and Nevada offer very favorable business laws for registering LLC’s.

Getting an EIN;

EIN is a tax ID of your LLC. EIN (Employer Identification Number) and TIN (Tax Identification Number) are of no difference. To get an EIN fairly simple procedure is followed, you have to file an SS-4 Form. You can file the documents via online, by fax, and by mail.

Why do you require EIN?

The requirements for EIN are quite simple, these include:

  • The business has to pay federal taxes.
  • The business has retirement and pension policies.
  • The business-owning partnerships

 US Business Bank Account;

The fact of the matter is that opening a US Business Bank Account opening is a laborious task. Once you Register your LLC successfully and get your EIN next, the next procedure is the business account opening.

Different Bank follows different policies, some have hard and fast rules to open a bank account while other have simpler policies. Armed with the relevant details, you can open a bank account remotely as well in certain American banks.

Is the same state Required for the Bank Account Opening in which you established your Business?

There is no restriction in opening a bank account in a state in which you register your business. You can easily open a bank account in any state with the confirmation that this bank also has a branch in your landed state.

Incorporation Certificate;

Certificate of Incorporation is the proof of a legally Registered and formed company. It is also named as a Birth certificate of your company. In order to make a Bank Account for your company you will need the certificate of incorporation since it is an important document.

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