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Which Companies Should You Invest In To Get The E-2 Visa?


It is important to note that when you make your decision, there are several points to be observed. Including the kind of business that you like, but your decision should be in line with your professional skills and experience.

In the case handed over to immigration, one of the most important points is the part about your “Summary”, that is to say, your experience and training (diplomas but especially experience and previous successes). The summary is a kind of guarantee to show the consulate that you are competent, qualified, and you have the ability to succeed in the business you are going to implement. Having funds is one thing, but your ability to succeed is also essential. So you can prove to the consular officer that your company will be a success because it will be led by a competent and qualified person. This is because of your professional and personal experience.

Below you will find many examples of business types that you can open to obtain an E-2 visa:

– Restaurant

– Hotel

– Barbershop

– Spa

– Gym

– Service Station

– A pool maintenance company

– A grooming salon for dogs

– A staffing company

In fact, any company you have has the ability to succeed.

The key to an E-2 visa application is to demonstrate that you have experience and knowledge in the industry you have chosen, this allows you to demonstrate the future success of your business.

Furthermore, it will prove that your business is a healthy company:


In this regard, some information will be requested during the period known as the “due diligence” and include:

The EIN of the company (number IRS)

The last 3 tax returns for your business (tax returns)

The quarterly wage reports or pay stubs (for example, W-2 and W-3)

The list of personnel with the flow chart of the company that you control: if you take only part of the staff, attention to resume “keys employees” who will ensure a smooth transition and will be a source of success.

Operating licenses

Bank statements, utility bills, and ads/telephone directories

Customer contracts or agreements/suppliers

The lease…

How can I prove that my company is not marginal?

Here are some things that you can present to demonstrate that your business is not marginal:

  • A detailed business plan that includes information about the financials of the business as well as employees.

The business plan is a centerpiece of the record and must have a 5-year financial plan and hiring plan.

Does the investor need to buy its business before applying for a visa E-2?

The creation of a company in the United States is considered a key requirement for applicants to receive an investor visa. The best course of action is to place the funds that will be used to buy the company in an escrow account in the United States. If buying a business, the funds in the attorney escrow account and the sale will be subject to certain conditions to obtain a visa.

Why can a visa be refused?

We can boast that we have had so far 100% success in obtaining visas for our customers. Make sure that the file submitted to immigration must be complete. Some main reasons for refusal are a poorly prepared business plan, lack of documents, poor preparation, or maintenance. If this occurs then the consulate will assume that your business is not viable.

You may want to make the attempt and establish yourself in the USA. Although the opportunities are there, we must have a well-prepared project and be surrounded by a team that will assist you throughout your development.

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