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What Best Determines The Level Of Competition? - Startup Business Bureau

What Best Determines The Level Of Competition?


Having awareness about your competition is relatively healthy to stay strong in the market. When you are well aware of similar companies providing the same things but getting more customers than yours, it’s time to check out the recipe of such a company. Always be updated about your competitors and newcomers to stand out and be prominent.

In this article, we will determine different facts when you need to study your competitor and on which scale you should study your competition. 

Why Should You Determine The Level Of Competition?

This is a common question that can arise in every person’s mind: why we should determine the level of competition and put our precious time into it rather than the development of the business. The simple answer is to stay strong and be the lending company in that specific field. 

You can understand by the example that if your company is manufacturing and selling car tires, but the same company is now providing them at a low price with good quality. Now it is time to analyze how it is doing the cons of such tires that can be the reason for low pricing. People will prefer a low price and buy your competitor’s product. So now it is time to make people aware of the cons and bring some changes to your product accordingly. In this way, you can get your customers back.

competition in market

Having Same Products Does Not Mean Its Competitors

When you will do some research, you will find a number of the companies having the same products as yours. But these are not always competitions for you. There is a difference to understand. Having the same company and products but the price bracket is different from each other, which means they are not competitors. Both companies will have different category levels of clients.

Similarly, if both companies are working in different locations where the targeted market is various. They are not competitors to each other. Because one person living in Washington will not go to new york to buy the product that is available in Washington.


Local Market Concerns With Competition

There are a number of local businesses working in different locations targeting the local market. In case your business is targeting the local market. You don’t need to worry as much because your competition will be cut down by more than half. There is a rare chance that the business has the exact local matches. 

However, if you have the same local business competitions, you will need to study such business. Try to adapt the positive elements of such business to do your business at an advanced level. 

Distinguish Between Competition And Business Supplement

When you determine the level of competition, keep in mind distinguishing between your match and supplementary elements. You can understand by an example that if you are teaching yoga and one day call an expert who has his yoga institution.

So you have concerns that there might be chances that your customer can join that yoga center if they got more impress by that guest teacher. In this case, you do not allow such yoga instructors.

However, suppose you positively take your competition by inviting different instructors to your center. In that case, your subscribers will realize your institution’s quality and increase the number of clients if you are doing good compared to the others.

Refine Your Competition

Here it is essential to understand that does not make everyone your competition. If you are doing that can mislead you and your business. Therefore take deep research and analyze which company or industry is hurting your business. So refine several businesses narrow them down step by step. In the end, you will find your competition so you can make the strategy accordingly. 

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