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Startup Fulfillment

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Startup Fulfillment

Startup fulfillment services brings an effective and efficient ecommerce consulting, supply chain management and retail distribution network focusing on providing an end to end solution to manufacturers, producers and traders so that they may focus on the main business of product procurement rather than concerning about its consumption.

What We Do

We offer a complete range of services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups right from consulting to choose the right product in demand, making shipping arrangements, listing and marketing the products on multiple Ecommerce & Distribution Network sites, provide storage and warehousing solutions and the delivery to the customers.

Services We Offer

Order Management Services
  • E-commerce Drop Shipping Services
  • Product Procurement Services
  • Product Listing, Marketing and Advertising
  • Product Distribution Services
  • Product Storage & Packing
  • Product Delivery Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Affiliate Marketing
  • Returns Handling
  • Customer Services
Ecommerce & Distribution Networks

How it works?

We Consult the Product

Whether you are a trader, manufacturer or producer of a product OR Just an Investor / entrepreneur starting the ecommerce business for the first time, we provide a detailed consulting and advisory services to ensure the right product selection considering the below criteria’s;

Demand in Market || Competition in Market || Market Pricing || Climate Impact || Fulfillment Expense

Product Shipment

Once the product is finalized, you ship your product to our warehouse in USA.

Product Listing & Marketing

We create your product listing on multiple platforms and market them.

Order Fulfillment

Once the item is sold, we handle all delivery and logistics to ensure it reaches to the customer in timely and safely manner.

Get Paid in your Bank Account

Once the items are sold,
you get paid in your bank account on biweekly basis.

How We Get Rewarded

We partner in your success and with this approach considering the different preferences for our vendor partners, we offer four different compensation models:

Rental Approach

  • We rent you a Seller Account on all major international ecommerce platforms and charge you a monthly rental for it.
$1000 Per month

Revenue Model

  • We list and market your product and will share a sales commission from the revenue generated.
$1000 Per month

Supplier Arrangement

  • We fix a wholesale pricing with you as a Supplier and then we sell it on our retail price and make our profit from selling price of the item.
$1000 One time

Service Fee

  • We setup your own brand and register your company in USA and prepare Seller Account and charge a Services Fee.
$2500 One time

Successfully selling online typically doesn’t just happen by putting some items for sale on a website.

Hiring a qualified and experienced consultant is one of the best things a product manufacturer or producer can do to improve their business. 

There are many systems that need to be in place in order for your store to thrive.  Finding a consultant who is knowledgeable in all aspects of e-commerce is important.

  • Ecommerce Store Implementation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Omnichannel Strategy
  • Managed Ecommerce
  • Order Fulfillment
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In an ever more complex landscape of technology platforms and vendors, retailers & suppliers face a daunting task in choosing the right systems to support their ecommerce and multi-channel operations. Startup Business Bureau is perfectly placed to guide you through the platform selection process and mitigate the risk of your technology investments. With over 10 platform selection processes under our belts we have a unique (and up to date) view of the market, from both the vendor and the client perspective

Seller Account Management Services

Amazon, eBay & Shopify are the commonly known ecommerce platforms and every of these stores has its own complexities and require a lot of expertise when it comes to managing the seller accounts.

We offer complete range of Seller account management services for all these three platforms, stated as below;

  • Seller Account Setup
  • Merchant Account Setup
  • Listing Optimization
  • Sales Increase Management
  • Listing Setup & Management
  • Business Account Setup & Management
  • Marketing, Promotional & Advertising Campaigns
  • Seller Help & Support
  • Order Fulfilment & Management
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