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Start Business In USA & Partner With US - Startup Business Bureau

Start Business In USA & Partner With US


Partner with the US to Live & Work in the USA 🗽

Startup Investor Club is a smart alternative to starting a traditional heavy investment business to meet the eligibility criteria for USA E2 Business Investor Visa.

Invest like a PRO !!!

Your Investment – Our Management

We have launched a brand new investment opportunity to invest in our carefully selected and successful business models for Startup Investor Club were unlike the traditional business investment of $200,000 or more to qualify for the US Investor Visa program, you may invest an amount starting from $50,000 and still enjoy Successful Visa results.

Key Highlights & Benefits:

Minimum Investment starting from $50,000 ONLY

  •  The higher success rate for US Investor Visa
  •  Enjoy an exponential growth
  •  Variety of Successful Business options
  •  Proven Business Plan & Track Record
  •  Full Training & Support
  •  Secure & Risk-Free Business Model
  •  Great Returns on Investment
  •  Support in Marketing & Lead Generation
  •  Operational & Administrative Support

Changing the way, you do Business Migration before.

Your Success Partner 🎯


Live Your American Dream

Some of the top business opportunities, which will arise and get momentum after the cure are listed as below;

  • Outsourcing – since the world gets more hands-on experience in working from home concept than ever before. so making the business decision to do both people outsourcing and process outsourcing will be much more practical and rational.
  • Virtual Assistant Services – offering VA services to businesses and individuals will be an ideal business as it will provide utmost safety from physical contacts and help in maintaining the hygiene standards without any extra burden on the companies.
  • Errands & Delivery Services – a complete errands partner and delivery solution whether it is food delivery, shopping, grocery, or any personal errands, people would love to pass that job on to you.
  • Home Healthcare Services – USA is an aging population. And especially after covid19 recover. They would prefer to receive healthcare services while staying at home.
  • Technology Services – Offering multiple tech solutions including social media handling and management. Software solutions (SAAS) will be a sigh of relief for the companies to avoid a large number of in-house staff.
  • Catering Services – a food preparation and service catering business will remain on the top industry segment as people would prefer to have hygienically prepared food at home.
  • Supply Chain Distribution & Delivery – with whatever the product or services you are offering, bringing it to the doorstep of the customers as a supply chain distributor would be having an increase in demand.

About Us:

Startup Business Bureau is a boutique management consulting firm exclusively designed to actively satisfy the corporate expectations of connoisseurs in the most creative way. We assist our clients and investors to build their businesses and making the entrepreneurial dream come true.

Launch your Business in the USA today and obtain a US Residence Visa for you and your family.

Startup Business Bureau

Empowering Entrepreneurship & Startups

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