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Shopify Dropshipping E-commerce Store


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A dropshipping is the method where we purchase a product from a 3rd party and deliver it directly to customers.

shopify dropshiping model
Shopify Dropshipping Model

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Yes We should go for Shopify as Shopify has a very good profit margin and only 1 product can make you a millionaire and within one product your total investment can be lost so you have to play with the product in start again you have to play with the product 

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Yes, You can go for a Shopify store as its ownself website creation and you can design by yourself by using a 14days free trial and after that, you have to pay 39$ with a monthly cost.

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Model 1:- 1500-2000$ Profit 500-600$ Monthly

Model 2:- 3K-5K$ Profit 1500-2000$

You should always be ready to face the loss factor as it is a necessary factor to start any business.

Success Ratio for the Shopify Store Is 10% only and this 10% depends on your products so be clever while choosing a product and always test it first.

shopify investment
Shopify Investment


So Guys there are usually three types of stores to go for Shopify and you can make your account you need for this task.

1-First+Last Name

2-Gmail Account

3-Mobile No and address

4-Paypal for payment method.

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One Product Store is unique because you will be bound to only 1 product and you can replace it with only one. I am again repeating you will be bound to only 1.

1-It has High potential usually competition is very low for this store and products.

2-It has low achieving SEO with an extremely high targeted audience and high conversion rate.

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You can go for the product limit of 100+ in this type.

1-It is very easy to adopt and if you are a newbie then you should make a general base product and then you can switch it to your Niche Base product.

2-It has very high competition and hard competition with a low conversion rate.

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In this type, you can go for 5-15 products.

1-It is easy to adopt and you can face medium-type competition with moderate advertising rate and medium competition.

2-Very Targeted audience will visit your store it means only your category audience will come and take your products.

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If you are thinking to start dropshipping business on Shopify then create your store today by yourself and play with it but if you have a store and product already but not getting the sale then try to play with the FB Pixel and make necessary changes to your website for FB pixel.

Dropshipping Cycle

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1-Hire a professional who is an expert while playing with FB pixel and Shopify custom themes

2-After Store go hire someone who will provide you winning product and after that, you should test your products.

3-Always score your marketing budget for your business with marketing you can make good revenue.

4-From Email marketing of your stores you will be able o get an ROI of 44$ with 1$. 

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