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Seasonal Business Ideas [In 2021] - Startup Business Bureau

Seasonal Business Ideas [In 2021]


Smart Seasonal Business Ideas To Earn Passive Income 

Do you have a dream of having your business but due to your busy life, you can not do so. Starting a seasonal business can be a good option if you have a bit of time around the year. Seasonal businesses are such businesses that are needed at a specific time of the year.

So a good seasonal business can do a great contribution to your annual income to support your expenses. Through our guide, you choose seasonal business ideas to accomplish your dream.

Types Of Seasonal Businesses

We have categorized seasonal business into broader levels for a better understanding. Basically, there are four times of the year that seasonal business ideas belong to.

The very first thing you need to do is to decide which time of the year you are free and need to do a business. Here are the four main categories of seasonal business ideas:

  • Spring Business Ideas
  • Summer Business Ideas
  • Autumn And Winter Business Ideas

Once you have chosen the category of your business you can proceed further to get suitable seasonal business ideas.

1.Spring Business Ideas

  • Yard Cleaning Service

In a busy life, no one has enough time to get the garden clean, organized, and beautiful. As the spring season is the time of blooming that provides the best opportunity for a seasonal business.


You just need some tools and can provide the service of yard cleaning.

  • Cookie Delivery

Spring season comes with many important events like Easter day, Valentine’s day, and St. Patrick’s day. In all of such events, the demand for cookies increases a lot.

Therefore you can start this business part-time. You can make cookies by yourself and deliver or get them from the store and deliver.

  • Gleaning Services

You can start this service and can provide fresh food items from the market, restaurants, farmer markets, and any place where you can get in good quality. 

  • Window Washing Business

After the long winter in spring, most people need to get their windows clean and a fresh look. You can do it on a commercial and residential basis. There is no need for any expenses but your hard work.

2.Summer Business Ideas

  • Home Tutor

Summar is the time of vacation and most of the parents are worried about the studies of their children. At that time you should avail yourself of the good opportunity of being a home tutor.

You can earn a good amount with the teaching and coaching of the students at home.

This business is quite easy and beneficial that’s why we have listed it on the top of our summer business ideas.

  • Beach Business

This is an ideal seasonal business ideas if you are living near the beach area. Because the summer season offers the best beach business to start without any initial investment.

You can provide the services of surfing, accommodation huts, a photo booth, and sports shop, etc.


All of such businesses are easy to start in summer and you can wind up in the winter and pursue your other tasks.

  • Pool Maintenance

The importance of the pool has great significance with the arrival of summer. With this season no one likes dirty, stinky pools to have a party.

To seek the tasks of pool cleaning you can knock on the door of your neighborhood or by slipping a flayer under the door. You need no supplies but your precious time.

  • Child Care

The fourth summer business idea is related to the caregiver. This task is without any investment. In case you have a good experience of taking care of children you can handle this business perfectly.

This is a seasonal business and you can easily start and end at your own wish.

3.Autumn And Winter Business Ideas

  • Selling Christmas Tree

When we hear about Christmas the first thing that comes to our mind is Christmas. People are anxiously waiting for the celebration of Christmas.

This event opens many winter business ideas to start as a side business.

You have the opportunity to sell the Christmas trees and other gifts related to this event.

  • Snow Removal

This is the best seasonal business ideas as snow is everywhere and needs proper cleaning. Snow cleaning is a seasonal business as it requires only in the winter.

You just need a snow viper with a long handle and start your business instantly. When snow falls you can go door to door for cleaning purposes.

People need to have their windows, roof, and lawn clean from the snow.

  • Winter WaterProofing

The demand for waterproofing increases rapidly as winter comes. You should join this business and provide the facilities of waterproofing to reduce the damage to the house.

  • Winter Gift Baskets

If you have a creative mind this business idea is made for you. Making a gift basket is a skill that brings good revenue. You have to make an extraordinary basket that no one can refuse to have at the Christmas event.

  • Event Organizer

This opportunity is a good business option if you have a good sense of organizing an outstanding event. People are busy and have no time to decorate and arrange things for the event.

There is always a need for an event organizer. Through this business, you can get handsome revenue as a seasonal business.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What businesses do well in winter?

Winter comes with many business proposals as the most trendy businesses in the winter season are selling Christmas trees, event organizers, winter gift baskets, snow removal, and waterproofing.

What can you sell at the beach?

You can provide the services of surfing, accommodation huts, a photo booth, and sports shop, etc. All of such businesses are easy to start in summer and you can wind up in the winter and pursue your other tasks.

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