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Mechanical Engineering Startups In 2021 - Startup Business Bureau

Mechanical Engineering Startups In 2021

mechanical engineering startups

If you are a mechanical engineer and are looking for a profitable startup for your own business, so sit tight and grab a cup of coffee. We will be presenting you with seven exciting and profitable mechanical engineering startups, which you can consider for starting to make money.

These best mechanical engineering startups are related to a range of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. They range from small businesses to large businesses, from low investment business ideas to business ideas having medium and high investment trends.

However, one important thing to remember is that starting a business takes a lot of determination, planning, patience, lots, and lots of hard work. So be stick to your startup until it starting to glow and generating handsome revenue.

1. 3D Printing Services

mechanical engineering startups

3D printing services can be good startups for mechanical engineering. In the USA, there is a lot of need for 3D services.

You can market your services to companies that manufacture customized engineering components and make 3D printers according to customers, drawings, or specifications.

Some of the requirements you need are an excellent 3-D printer and your office’s location, which should preferably be closed to some industrial areas or manufacturing hubs.

2. Manufacturing of Production-related tools

The mechanical engineers know well how to manage and design handy tools. That’s why we have listed it as the best mechanical engineering startups. Starting a small tool room for manufacturing of production-related tools, dyes, and fixtures. It can be further used in factories for manufacturing various engineering components and preparing actual metal-based prototypes on a tool room basis.


Speaking about the requirements, you need to have a wide range of machines like Sense’s VMC, milling machines, drilling machines, etc. Some of the requirements are that you need to have experienced designers who can study the engineering drawings thoroughly and then can design the tools accordingly.

You need to have knowledgeable machine tool operators and the entire team and be willing to work long hours to complete the production. As some customers might need the tools in a short time.

3. Manufacturing and Sales of automobile Components or Spare Parts

mechanical engineering startupsThe third startup for mechanical engineering in manufacturing and sales of automobile components or spare parts.

The demand for automobiles would always be there, especially in the USA. Whether they are cars or motorcycles or scooters, or whether they are using petrol, diesel, or electric vehicles.

The product range is vast. You can choose the specific type of products you would like to manufacture, and then you can plan to start your business venture.

Friends, depending upon opportunities and suitability, can start manufacturing auto components either for supplying in the domestic market or for exports.


Let us talk about the requirements. An adequate capital investment you should require depending upon the project’s size and the business volumes. You need to have a good team for design, production accounts, documentation, etc. You need a good team for marketing and after-sales service.

The business idea is manufacturing and sales, also handles and power tools, one can make specialized DIY kits and supplies to big wholesalers or stores or retail shops, etc. The requirements are similar to those for manufacturing auto spare parts, as discussed earlier.

4. Making aluminum beverage cans

The manufacturing and sales of aluminum beverage cans are a good option for mechanical engineering startups. One can set up a factory to manufacture and supply aluminum cans to beverage-making companies. Beverages like soft drinks have a great demand, and so you can have a long-term and sustainable business venture.

5. Startup as solar panels manufacturing

mechanical engineering startupsAs a mechanical engineer, you can explore your startup as solar panels manufacturer and sell it in the market. Over time, the demand for solar panels increases as people of the USA is shifting to solar panels.

You can either start manufacturing solar panels or can consider becoming a distributor. You can also start offering repair and maintenance services for solar panels, a profitable small business idea with low investment.

6. CCTV Cameras for Surveillance Cameras

If you are a mechanical engineer looking for good startups, this idea can blow it up. In the USA, the need for CCTVs and surveillance is increasing day by day. So the manufacturing or setting up CCTVs is a good option for mechanical engineers.

Every everyone requires enhanced security. So CCTV cameras are a necessity nowadays for everyone, be it factories or shopping malls or homes, etc. In case you do not want to do manufacturing, you can also take a distributorship of any good brand. You can also consider importing and then selling it in the domestic market.

7. Fitness Equipment

mechanical engineering startupsOur final startup idea for mechanical engineers is fitness equipment. You can supply equipment for gymnasiums, health clubs, hotels, homes, etc. This is a long-term business idea as everyone wants to be fit as well as healthy.

So there will always be demand for new fitness centers as well as home gyms. All of these would require exercise equipment. Also, as the equipment becomes old, there would be demand for new equipment or new models and the related spare parts.

The Bottom Line

All of the said ideas can be great for the field of mechanical engineering startups. But the thing that you should remember when you are new in the business that you may not get instant benefit from your startup. It may take some time, depending upon the niche of your startup. So be patient and wait for the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What business can I start with as a mechanical engineer?

With a mechanical engineering certificate following startups can give you good exposure

1. 3D Printing Services

2. Manufacturing of Production-related tools

3. Manufacturing and Sales of automobile Components or Spare Parts

4. Making aluminum beverage cans

5. Startup as solar panels manufacturing

6. CCTV Cameras for Surveillance Cameras

7. Fitness Equipment

How much salary do mechanical engineers get?

It all depends on the nature of work you are doing and the post you are holding in a company. But we can estimate that an average salary of a mechanical engineer is around $120-150k. Which is quite a handsome salary.

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