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Job Opportunities for L2 Visa Holders In USA

l2 visa

What is L2, EAD., if you aren’t a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you need to get special permission and authorization before you will be allowed to work in the U.S.

This is also only allowed for certain types of visas. The good news is L2 visa holders can apply for EAD or Employment Authorization Document and if approved, will be allowed to work in the U.S.A. So essentially an L2 gives visa holders the right to work in the U.S.A.

How to apply for EAD the work Permit on an L2 visa in the USA

 The process is quite straightforward. You need to submit your application form together with the supporting documents and evidence. You must provide all the information and documents required for your application. Let’s go through the L2 documents checklist.

  • Filing fee——- $410 for the processing of your application.
  • Biometric services fee——-$85 for your biometric screening
  • Appointment form I 765. This form is the actual application for the.
  • L1 approval notice (Form I-797)
  • A copy of the document that approves your spouse’s L1 visa
  • A copy of your passport,
  • Copy of your spouse’s I-94.
  • A copy of your I-94 this document proves your legal entry into the U.S. to passport-style photos of yourself.
  • A copy of your Social Security number or SSN only. Add this if you already own one.
  • Proof of your marriage includes proof like your wedding certificate and a wedding album with photos containing both you and your spouse.

How to submit the L2 visa EAD application

 It’s all upon you to decide whether you want to send the application via an online filing system or by mail.

Generally, mailing your application leads to less confusion and faster results. Make a copy of all the documents you submit in your application. It may save you time if you have to reapply for some reason or some of the documents get lost while processing the L2 EAD application mailing.

You need to mail your application to the address allocated to the state you live in, mail it to the applicable address, and wait for the USCIS, US Citizenship, and Immigration Services to confirm that they’ve received it.

They will mail a Form I-797 a receipt of a notice to the address you’ve listed on your application.

l2 visa

L2 EAD work permit Processing Time

The processing times for the EAD application vary from one service center to the other. Generally, however, the L2 processing time is between 60 and 90 days for the USCIS to reach a decision regarding your application. Once your application is approved, they will mail you the ID card. It looks like a plastic credit card. If it turns out your application is unsuccessful for whatever reason, they will also notify you accordingly.

How long is the L2 EAD permit valid for

 An ID is normally valid for two years. The validity of your L2 EAD is, however, dependent on your L2 visa’s validity. Our visa gives you the right to be in the US, and your ID was granted to you based on a valid visa. So your EAD is valid for a maximum of two years, or until your L2 visa expires, whichever of the two scenarios happens first. Remember, the validity of your visa depends on the validity of your spouse’s L1 visa. Your visa will expire as soon as your spouse’s L1 visa expires, in turn causing your EAD to expire as well.

Visa L2 EAD renewal or L2 visa extension

 Your visa may extend beyond your edge’s validity. You must review your ID before it expires to avoid illegal employment. Renewing your L2 requires the same process as a new application. Compile a new application following the steps above and submitted to the USCIS.

Remember to apply for your L2 visa to renewal long before your ID expires. To provide for any unforeseen delays in processing time, you can apply for your new L2 EAD about four months before your current one expires. This will allow you and the USCIS enough time to produce the new one before your current EAD expires.

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