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How To Become A Supply Chain Consultant

supply chain consultant

Being a supply chain consultant

 A supply chain consultant is a person who provides professional or expert advice to an organization or an individual in a supply chain industry.  A consultant can have an individual practice or work under the umbrella of a consulting firm. While numerous organizations across the world offer this job role.

The supply chain is a fairly new field today. The demand for talented professionals in this field is more than ever, particularly because of the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic. Here we will discuss a consultant’s job profile and the challenges one can expect to face in this job role.

 Keith Oliver first coined the terms supply chain and supply chain management in 1982, a British logistician.

Duties of a supply chain management consultant

supply chain consultant

Good consultant assures the smooth working of the supply chain to achieve its set goal with minimum losses.

Consulting companies like Carney have been leaders in evolving supply chain professionals’ requirements as a supply consultant. You will be expected to work in a team environment on multiple projects in varied industries from a bank that improves its customer service.

 A manufacturing company that wants to optimize its production.

You will handle a wide range of projects. They will look into fields like information technology operations, research for decision making, benchmarking, process improvement, customer service planning, etc.

Expertise to be supply chain consultant

Balancing one’s work-life can be quite a challenge, especially because the projects involved can be very demanding and require frequent travel. A good consultant should have the following expertise;

  • A supply chain manager or consultant must have a problem-solving ability

Every supply chain expects to form its consultant to have the solution to every problem because it is the duty of a consultant to drag out all kinds of problems.

  • A balanced approach to decision making

Making the right decision at the right time can make a great change. As a consultant, you should have the ability to come up with conclusive decisions without wasting any time.

  • Having both qualitative and quantitative skills.

These skills can help the consultant understand the situation, which can help the supply chain.

  • Prior experience in a particular industry adds value to them.

Experience can be good for future events as man learns from his experiences to make the future better. That’s the same case with the consultant so that he can handle the situation well.

  • Good knowledge of analytics and disruptive digital technologies as an added benefit.

He should possess a good amount of knowledge related to the analysis of the supply chain.

  • Like with other jobs, excellent communication skills and an outstanding ability to work in teams

It is the key to the health business in any field. Communication can change a lot. So for the consultant must have good communication skills.

  • Must deliver quality projects in time

Time has great value in the business of the supply chain. Everything should be done on time. As a consultant, you should have the ability to complete your take on time.

supply chain consultant

How much can a supply chain consultant make?

You will be surprised to read that an average consultant can make up to $40 an hour. Which can be $90,000 in a year. It depends upon the consultant that how much he puts his efforts into it. 

With the experience and passage of time, the earning can increase. A good supply chain company can provide a handsome amount of money.

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