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Fund Raising

We partner up with growing startups to take the burden of fundraising, by providing a resource-efficient, risk aligned and proven service and leave you to do what you do best:

BUILD and GROW your Startup!

Fundraising is one of the most tedious tasks in an early stage startup as an expensive process, draining focus, time and resources from your team. It relies on you having/creating a network of investors at reach requires you to ace finance and legal aspects. Investors expect you to be investment-ready on all “qualifying” aspects.

As leading experts in campaign and development strategy, our fundraising consultants plan and implement initiatives to help business and nonprofits make a bigger impact – locally, nationally, and globally

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What We Can Help With?

We have a standard proven process, which enables us to maximize the probability of raising funds for our clients.  We focus on getting startups to be ready and attractive for investors and don’t act just like mere funding brokers.

Campaign Management

Our signature service is the design and implementation of major capital, endowment, and comprehensive campaigns.


We help you to reach investment-readiness, before you (and us) waste valuable resources in fundraising

Fundraising Execution

We can support you on all the steps of the fundraising process, from finding right investors to the funding negotiations and closing

Our Role

As a fundraising consultant we help companies, usually startups or growth companies and non-profits, raise external capital.

The scope of work typically includes the development of collateral or investor-marketing materials such as investor decks, a business plan and/or placement memorandum, financial projections, and models, etc.

It is not unusual for us to help management articulate strategy and assist with certain business development initiatives to make the company more compelling for prospective investors.

Defining the prospective investor universe, initial investor outreach and the management of follow-ups, term sheet review, and documentation of the final deal terms.