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E1 Visa To Green Card Conversion

e1 visa

E1 visa to green card conversion

Are you looking for details about converting your e1 visa to a green card and don’t know that is possible or not? Don’t worry, take a deep breath and relax. We are here to assist you in these quarries.

Getting the green card and nationality of any country is becoming much hard these days. Every country has its own rules and regulation in this matter. Especially the USA has stringent scrutiny about issuing a green card based on e1 visa.

What is an e1 visa?

Before we talk about getting a green card for a visa, we should have some knowledge about an e1 visa.

e1 visa

The E-1 visa is basically made for trade purposes in the US. If you are an individual, company, organization, and employee and wanted to start international trade while living in the US, you must require an e1 visa.

Benefits of conversion from e1 visa to green card

The green card provided great privileges to other country citizens, which can not be possible on a visa.

A green card allows the citizen to live permanently in the US as a citizen of the state. Such a person can enjoy all kinds of facilities and which state offers to its citizens. That’s why most people take an interest to convert their e1 visa to a green card.

Eligibility criteria for e1 visa to green card

E-1 visa holders cannot convert their status automatically to a green card. There is no such law the legislation has made up. But in the near future, there is the possibility that some soft corners will be provided by legislation for the conversion of e1 visa holders to a green card.

But you don’t need to be upset. There are certain conditions which allow e1 visa holder to get a green card.

$500K EB5 Green Card

This condition is applicable for the investors who are investing about $500k or above to obtain green cards. It allows all the family members to get green cards under the age of 21 have invested in such a project. We can call EB5 green card option.

EB1 Green Card

e1 visa

This option can apply to the people who have a good business setup, and there is the possibility of getting on the top. You can claim for EB1 green card. Most of the businessmen who visit the country on visas willing to get permanent green cards can get EB1 green cards.

Green Card Marriage

Getting married to a citizen of the US can enable you to get a green card. In this case, your spouse can sponsor you in getting a green card.

The US now recognizes same-sex-marriage since 26 June 2013.

Green card sponsorship by family members

It is a good and easiest option for you. A permanent family member of the US can sponsor you for getting a green card. The green card process can be about 12 months if your children, parents, or close family members are sponsoring.

In the case where your sibling sponsoring for obtaining a green card can take up to 8 to 13 years. Yes, this is a long period of time. But this waiting depends on the country you belong to. If you have the nationality of Mexico or the Philippines the time can be long as there are a lot of applicants apply for a green card.

E1 visa employment lead to Green Card

While on a visa your employer can sponsor you for a green card. This process can take a long period of time. But you should work for the same employer until the process can be completed. In the case of a married visa holder can get a green card for their spouse if he or she has obtained a work permit.

So these are the ways of converting an e1 visa to a green card and enjoying US nationality.

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