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Cleaning Services | Residential & Commercial

cleaning services

Insight of cleaning service business in the USA:

Cleaning services play a vital role while keeping our environment neat and clean. But no wonder that’s also a very profitable business if you are willing to work for and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. It has been predicted that by 2023 market revenue will increase by $2 Billion. The cleaning industry growth is 10%, which is above the average growth rate. And by far 24% of cleaning services have been outsourced. While 36 % of janitors work in buildings and residential. Total $48 Billion estimated annual revenue generation

Scope of the cleaning business:

The market had seen incredible growth in the cleaning service recently. As both residential and commercial properties have essential opportunities in which Cleaning services can offer. Due to its nature of work, it doesn’t require any office set up and can start from home and can work as home-based support for two or more times per week or can get daily basis work in commercial operations.

Commercial Services:

cleaning services

The commercial market covers a major part of the cleaning market and created almost 2.3 billion jobs in 2016. Industrial and commercial cleaning services are mostly comprising of maintaining and cleaning of buildings or workplaces.

Residential Services:

While residential services have a smaller but not unimportant part in cleaning service on average. The residential cleaning worker is responsible for private property cleaning and keeping the home in order. So if you are interested in residential cleaning, then you should know that your target customers where these services are popular where dwellers are above average wealthy, and affluent.

Business Plan for Cleaning Services:

The business model for Residential and Commercial Cleaning services are

  1. Choosing the right name, contact details for your business
  2. Management information like who will be in charge
  3. Prepare a clear mission statement
  4. Location is a vital selection which location to target
  5. Gather all necessary info about capital, cleaning equipment,  and supplies required
  6. Day to day cost to run your business smoothly
  7. Finances for a start-up costing
  8. Projection of profit and losses for a minimum of two years
  9. Your working hours for the services
  10. Knowledge about your competitors
  11. Market strategy
  12. Information regarding payment method, invoices, or monthly subscription
  13. Another logistic or additional cost

Define your services in Cleaning Business:

For the Residential Sector:

Services which can be offered are:

  1. House cleaning
  2. Carpet cleaning
  3. Pool cleaning
  4. Garden cleaning and maintenance
  5. Windows cleaning etc.

For the Commercial Sector:

cleaning services

While the commercial area is mostly covered by janitorial services. And are on a daily or weekly basis.

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting toilets
  2. Sweeping and mobbing floors
  3. Tables Cleaning and other fixtures
  4. Cleaning windows
  5. Glass Doors Cleaning
  6. Vacuuming the carpet runners etc.

Requirements to start Cleaning business.

Because of the area and nature of work of cleaning service,

  • There is no requirement for the physical office.
  • Even the cost of equipment is low and can be adjusted in the client’s bill,
  • With flexible hours of working. Innovative entrepreneurs can see significant success in establishing the company in this industry.
  • Additionally, even Labor is ridiculously cheap and affordable; no experience or education required to start as a cleaner,
  • For that very reason, recruiting costs and wages provided are low, even near to minimum.         

Demand for Cleaning Service in the USA:

Even though the competition is high, the cleaning business still holds extraordinary potential for all new and existing organizations. 

By carefully selecting and targeting the local customer, one can establish their business with fewer competitors and can have an excellent opportunity for success.

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