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How To Start A Calligraphy Business? - Startup Business Bureau

How To Start A Calligraphy Business?

calligraphy business

Have you ever tried to explore your creative side? For example, drawing in your spare time or doing calligraphy business and art design to improve your designing skills on any other thing that gave you the time and help train your brain. If you do, you can turn it into an earning business

What is better than turning your hobby into a profitable business? Even if it’s just for a short time when dealing with a global pandemic and people are losing their jobs. Anything can be an excellent idea. 

So today, in this article, I will tell you how to start a calligraphy business? Most people have learned calligraphy by reading citations for doing calligraphy and lettering in high school, which helps calligraphy art.

 Things You Need To Start A Calligraphy Business

 Starting a calligraphy business needs some requirements. In the calligraphy business, you don’t need any kind of specific things but some of the minor arrangements. Here are the things to start a calligraphy business.

Calligraphy Pen

The calligraphy pen is the first and essential requirement. It all depends on a calligraphy pen to have an excellent calligraphic design. In the market, there are several pens for calligraphy purposes.

calligraphy pen
Calligraphy Pen – Startupbusinessbureau

The most popular pen of overall calligraphy is the Pilot Parallel Calligraphy pen series. You can also buy a Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set for professional works.

Calligraphy Ink

Ink is as important as a calligraphy pen as the ink is the last impression on the paper that reflects the beauty of calligraphy art. When you look out for calligraphy in you will see the number of brands. But the most reputed and the best in calligraphic art is Winsor and Newton Calligraphy Ink. In case you don’t like it you can have many other options.

Give Your Calligraphy Business Name

When you have made a mind to start a calligraphy business, you will need to choose one name for your business out of calligraphy business names. When a calligraphy business has a name, it will work as the identity that helps increase a good reputation.

Keep in mind when you are choosing a calligraphy business name, it should be simple easy to read and speak. It should also reflect your business purpose too.

Calligraphy Styles

Calligraphy has an extensive range of designs and styles. But I advise you to select two to five specific designs to be the master. Fewer designs help you be the expert in a short time, and you can also enhance your skill when having fewer designs.

calligraphy style
calligraphy Style – Startupbusinessbureau

Marketing Approaches

After the setup, the most important thing is to present your work professionally. You can get a variety of different options to sell and reach your customers. You can create a social media page on Instagram or Twitter, or Pinterest, a YouTube channel to introduce the calligraphy business and sell your products online.

Start local marketing and use email marketing as a setup and insist on having your website gives you total control for the entire process.

It would be better if you just start your social media channel to display them and get clients for the artwork.


The best way is to sell it on Etsy. Because most buyers who are looking for things like calligraphic and stuff want to search them and opening the store will give you a global reach. 

 Setup A Price Plan And Packages

Once you have arranged all the things, you will have to make pricing plans as a calligrapher. For this purpose, different kinds of packages can attract the attention of new clients. Prices details should be specified like special ink charges, urgent work charges, special quantity discounts. You can also introduce gold, silver, and diamond packages to the customers to enhance your calligraphy business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much money can you make as a calligrapher?

The average amount a calligrapher can make is between $25,690 to $150,550. But it depends on the quality you provide. A skilled calligrapher can earn more than that.

How do I start a calligraphy business?

Calligraphy business is easy if you have some knowledge of writing with different styles. You can join calligraphy learning classes to enhance your skills. Things you will need for the calligraphy business are skills, a calligraphy pen, calligraphy ink, and a good piece of paper to draw.

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