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US Business Investor Visa is the most affordable visa category for the entrepreneurs who wish to Start & Grow their businesses in USA.

Whether you are planning to Start a new Business or need to Expand your Existing Business in an international market like USA,
it’s a time for you to TAKE A SMART DECISION.


US Business Invester Visa Benefits:

Live and Work in USA

Visa for all Family

American Lifestyle

Stay in USA Indefinitely

Fast Processing

No education imitations

No Language Test

Work Authorization for Spouse

High Standard Education System

World Class Healthcare Facilities

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How It Works?

Starting a business in USA with the purpose of getting business investor visa is a complex process and requires deep expertise to manage the complexities involved in it. For an ease of understanding, the process is divided in 4 simple steps

Step 1: Planning

Everything starts with planning and same is the case with Business Startup. On Planning stage you can first decide which business you want to setup, how much investment budget you might have for this business and which state you want setup your base in USA. Once we decide and finalize, then we do all initial evaluation and consultation to start preparing the business

Step 2: Preparation

We gather and organize all required documentation and prepare the client profile. Register a company in your selected state in USA and proceed with opening Business Bank Account where you can transfer the Investment amount under your own custody to remain available for further time to time disbursements.

Step 3: Setup

We do all required business setup like finding the right business opportunity to acquire, then you sign MOU or SPA as per negotiation with Seller or setup the infrastructure for starting new business and complete all equipment and requirements for the business

Step 4: Submission

Once all business requirements are completed then we forward your application to an Immigration Attorney to prepare and submit your petition. Petition can filed through consular processing in your country of residence where you need to attend a business interview or through USCIS if you already in USA. USCIS or US consulate can either Request for Evidence (RFE) or announce the final decision on your application.

“Accelerating Entrepreneurs & Innovators”

Startup Opportunities

Some of the carefully shortlisted and time-tested business opportunities, with low investment budget ranging between $50,000 to $100,000, high profit margin and growth potential are listed as below;

Invest Like A PRO

Strategic Partnership

Starting a Business can be challenging especially when you are trying to do it alone. We understand it and Join your Business with all our skills, capabilities and expertise required to Manage and Grow your Business in USA.

USA is an aging population and specially after covid19 recover, elderly would prefer to receive the healthcare services while staying at home. Start a senior home care non-medical services business and enjoy an exponential growth.

Steam clean, mobile car wash and auto detailing is one of the fasted growing industries, generating an annual revenue of over $10 billion. Growth is expected to continue at a rate of 3.1% per year, leaving much opportunity for new entrepreneurs entering the market.

a complete errands and delivery solutions whether it is food delivery, shopping, grocery or any personal or corporate errands, people would love to pass that job on to you. Concierge and Errands services business is at its high in the busy corporate life of USA.

a food preparation and catering service business will remain on the top industry segment as people would prefer to have hygienically prepared food at home. A Halal catering services is one of the most demanded business particularly in USA due to increasing number of Muslim population. Become part of our growing food services business and enjoy a future security.

a revenue cycle management services with integrations for an organization’s electronic medical records (EMR) systems and practice management software is a highly in demand business with a potential to grow nationally over a short period of time.

today is the world of social media and no business can avoid the power of it. Starting up a creative agency which is fully equipped to offer the services like social media management, SEO, website building, content writing, branding and events management and planning can turn your entrepreneur dream into a reality and a great success at the same time.

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Higher success rate for US Investor Visa

Variety of Successful Business options

Proven Business Plan & Track Record

Secure & Risk-Free Business Model

Enjoy an exponential growth

Low Investment Business Opportunities

Higher Returns on Investment

Operational & Administrative Support

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Launch your Business in USA today and obtain a US Residence Visa for you and your family.

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