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Business Representation in USA

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Business Partner & Trade Agent in USA

Business extension is better way of expansion.

Hire your “US Business Partner” today and enjoy unparallel growth and expansion.

Whether it is a temporary project, or permanent business expansion, we are your official US representative. We be your very own built-in business representative in USA! We will field and qualify clients, answer business inquiries, make follow-up phone calls, and provide you with professional care tailored to the unique needs of your business and market. 

How it works?

Share your business model

Describe your requirements

We validate your objectives

Define the scope of services

Draw the line of action

Sign the contract

"Your personalized business representative"

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Services Managed

  • Engage with prospective customers in USA
  • Market search, product sourcing and business proxy representation
  • Client meeting and servicing
  • Carry on negotiations and conclude a treaty
  • Business representation in trade shows and corporate events
  • Bank account and merchant account
  • Business address in USA and telephone line
  • Virtual assistance & business concierge services

"Global is your next business address"

Industries we can cater

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Financial Services
  • Consumer Goods (including F&B)
  • Healthcare Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Professional Services
  • Retails and Trade Distribution
  • Supply chain management
  • Trading (Import & Export) Industry

Why Partner with us?

  • Dedicated staff and resources
  • Professional representation
  • Local expertise and knowledge
  • International presence
  • Proxy presence
  • No operational overheads
  • No fixed / long term contract
  • No staff hiring
  • No accounting & bookkeeping
  • Planning & preparing the business for Immigration purposes

"Your Success Partner"

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US Business Investor Visa

Planning is the key to success in any business and so is the case for US Business Migration !!!

If you plan your business well, you might not need a huge amount of capital investment to secure a US Business Investor Visa or Green Card.

Start with a humble beginning, grow your business over time and make your American Dream Come True.

At every stage of your business, we monitor, advise and strategies your business with proper planning and preparation to ensure a complete compliance with US Business Visa requirements.

Business Representation

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