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Business Migration USA

Business Migration USA

USA Business Immigration program actively promotes investment to its economy, and facilitate the admission of investors and entrepreneurs through the establishment and maintenance of a business which creates an array of opportunities for different professionals and a huge impact and economic contribution as well along with impressive financial prospects for investors.  

We have successfully disposed migration and resettlement solutions to hundreds of satisfied clients for over a decade now. Our resolve is to have a result driven outfit that can conveniently address the operational challenges of modern migration. Working in an environment where the procedures and liabilities of business migration consultants are vague and unreliable, we are working towards giving investors a new sense of direction that can make it relevant, secure and with a sense order by putting our reputation on the line and being part of your future global migration plan. We believe in creating a safe, efficient and professional channel for our clients’ migration aspirations in stress free manner.

There are several options for starting a business in the US and obtaining a business visa or investor visa for this purpose. If you have a thriving business outside of the States, unencumbered financial resources, a desire to enlarge your company or to buy an existing business or initiate a startup, and if you have wish to Live Your American Dream – the following visa types may be your best opportunities:

Treaty Trader / Treaty Investor Visa

Investor Immigration Program

Intra-Company Transferee Visa

Multinational Manager / Individual with extra ordinary achievement

Treaty Trader / Treaty Investor Visa

Investors and entrepreneurs planning to invest a small amount of money and establish their own business or invest into a running enterprise as a partner may find the E-1 / E-2 visa option suitable.

The E1/E2 is not an immigration visa. It is granted for a two-year term and does not lead to the permanent residency status, but there is no limit to the number of times the E-2 visa may be extended (depending on your current citizenship). E-2 visa holders may stay in the U.S. as long as they need, as long as they abide by the conditions of the visa, i.e., while their business is successfully running in the U.S.

Benefits of Treaty Investor Visa

  • Less financial investments when compared to an EB-5 visa
  • A wisely established enterprise may bring considerable revenue. The income raised may be invested in a business later so that the E-2 visa may be transited into and EB-5 and a Green Card obtained
  • An investor and members of his family may reside within the U.S. and enter and exit freely , Investor spouses are free to work, and children under age 21 to get a U.S. education
  • The E-2 visa application processing period is short – 15 calendar days for premium processing application
  • You can choose any state or territory to live in the US
  • No restriction on business type and no condition on numbers of employees

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Investor Immigration Program (EB-5 Green Card)

Direct Investment - establishing your own U.S. based company with an investment of $1.8 Million

Indirect Investment - through third-party companies or specialized Regional Centers with an investment amount of $0.9 Million

Benefits of EB-5 Investor Visa Program

  • Lawful status in the United States of America
  • Quicker path to permanent residence and citizenship
  • No sponsorship and language requirement
  • Monetary return on investment
  • Freedom to live and work anywhere in the U.S
  • Education and employment opportunities for children
  • No backlogs and enough annual intakes
  • No requirement to continually renew/ re-qualify visa status for EB5 Visa permanent residents

No Practical day-to-day Business Management.
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Intra-Company Transferee Visa (L1 Visa)

This visa is available to someone who has at least 1 year of experience (within the last 3 years) as either a manager or specialized knowledge worker with a foreign company that is commonly owned and controlled by or commonly owns and controls  a business in the US (or will be opening a new office in the US). The foreign national must also be coming to work for the US office as either a manager (L-1A visa) or specialized knowledge worker (L-1B visa). 

The L-1A visa can be held for up to 7 years total.  The visa is usually granted initially for 3 years (unless a new office is involved, in which case the visa would be granted for 1 year), and extensions are granted in 2 year increments up to the 7 years maximum. The L-1B visa can be held for up to 5 years total.

L-1 Visa Advantages

  • Fast visa application processing (15 calendar days);
  • Free to enter and exit the States unlimited sojourn time in the U.S. during the visa validity term
  • Permission to move to the States for the applicant and his family. The applicant’s family members may work and study in the US
  • Active participation in the business and revenue from commercial activities
  • A possibility to extend the visa, transit it to the EB-1C or EB-2 visas, and later to obtain the Green Card

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Successful Businessmen Immigration (EB-1 Visa)

Entrepreneurs – owners of a thriving business, managers and executives of multinational businesses, individuals with extraordinary skills and achievements in business, corresponding to several criteria (prominence, broad appreciation, wide turnover, high profits, production of unique goods and services), have an opportunity to enlarge their company’s presence on the American market and move to the U.S. on the EB1 visa.

An EB-1C visa is similar to the L-1 visa. It is given to executives and managers of large companies who are transferred to work at an American branch of a head office. This is a work visa, not an investment visa.

A non-resident company must hold more than 50% of the affiliate company assets.

Benefits for EB-1 Visa

  • A multinational executive or manager does not require a labor certification application
  • It helps to obtain a Green Card in a relatively short period of time
  • For the EB-1 process, the employer is the petitioner, and the businessman is the beneficiary

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