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Business Immigration USA (in 2021)


What Are The Best Business Immigration USA Plans?

Most businesses wish to get a good start in a developed country like the USA. There are certain business visas and conditions that allow immigrants to work in the USA.

According to the visa policies of the USA, you can get a business immigration USA visa on a temporary and permanent basis.


However, all the visa plans are welcoming for the investors and businesses to immigrate to the USA for the support of the US economy.

For this purpose several options available to start a business in the USA by getting a business visa

Popular Business Immigration USA Plans

The United States offers the five most popular business immigration USA plans to settle the business in the USA.

1. EB-5 Investment Visa

This is the easiest visa if you have the money. You can get this visa easily.

Through EB-5 you will have to invest $500,000 into a business and you can handle it by yourself or by the indirect way.

The government first issues the temporary visa and after five years if you full fill all the requirements like having 10 American workers on the job for at least two years. 

Once the conditions are completed you can just apply for a green card and with simple verifications and process, the US issues the green card to you and your family immediately.

2. E-1 & E-2 Business Immigration USA Visa

The second visa on our list is E-1 and E-2. It is a good opportunity for individuals who have plans to work, invest and start a business in the USA can be eligible for this visa.

Keep in mind that the USA does not allow all countries for these types of visas if the employees should be citizens of the specified countries.

In this category, the legal spouse and the children are also entitled to a business immigration USA visa and will be immediately eligible for a green card once the business owner or investor gets the green card

3. EB-1 Extraordinary Business Immigrant USA Visa

This visa is specified for people having extraordinary abilities. All of the people like film stars, celebrities, artists, and multi-talented people can apply for an EB-1 business immigration USA visa.

The government pleases to welcome such people and considers them a valuable asset to the nation.

However, to get this visa you will need to prove yourself to have extraordinary abilities.

The representative can ask you for the video clip or whatever the ability is related to that.

4. L-1 Visa

An L-1 visa is also known as a business expansion visa. This visa is temporarily based on nonimmigrant business.

When a company has offices in both the USA and in a foreign country and is willing to transfer its employee to the US-based office.


The government issues such people with an L-1 visa.

But there is a condition in this US immigration visa that the person should be holding a managing or executive post in the office and will have the same position in the US-based office.

5. L-2 Visa Program

Similarly, there is an E-2 visa program like L-1 which allows business immigration USA for skilled workers. The United States is very serious and has the vision of hiring the best employees and skilled workers.

So, this plan allows such people who have many business skills and experience. To qualify for this visa you will need certificates and a good technician position in the company.

Seek Professional Help For Business Immigration USA Visa

When you have made up your mind and are going to apply for business immigration. We suggest you get professional help in this regard.

As we know the process is very complicated and should be handled with extra care. A professional can do this job very well for you. 

In case of any mistake in the document can lead to the rejection of a business immigration USA visa and your precious time and money will be wasted.

Business Immigration USA Visa To Green Card

Many people get temporary business immigration in order to get a green card. A green card allows permanent residency in the USA.


Therefore, it is important to clear out. In most visas like EB-5, EB-1 and E1 are very easy to get a green card because the conditions are much easier as compared to the other visa plans. 

Some visa plans have the ability to renewal and can be renewed three or four times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a business immigrant?

Business immigration is the process of investment of money in the economy of the US and in return, the country provides temporary and permanent visas and ultimately green cards too.

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