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Any Creative Idea For Your Business Startup? - Startup Business Bureau

Any Creative Idea For Your Business Startup?


When people plan to launch a startup the first thing which hits their mind is it must be a tech-based business. And it should have some unique or creative idea. Hence eventually they end up not doing anything at all.

While having an innovative startup brings its own niche – at the same time. It does not mean that you cannot do something which others are already doing.

There are 100’s of examples available for startups working in the same or similar niche and every one of them is doing a great job and getting their own market share.

There is not only UBER that provides taxi services or on-demand services.

It’s not only Grub Hub that delivers the food.

There are multiple platforms for freelancers like FIVERR, UPWORK & FREELANCER.

For each cuisine, you find multiple restaurants in your local community and there is no shortage of doctors with the same or similar specializations.

Everyone finds its own market share and then the one who delivers the best leads the industry and capture maximum share.


I am not trying to convince you to copy any of the existing ideas. And end up in copyright strikes or infringement penalties but the point is to explore the market and find a problem which you think that you may add value in providing a better solution.

Maybe you can do something which is already happening in the market. You can probably do it differently, or provide a better service, better pricing, some add-on options.

Sometimes you probably can explore an opportunity in one area of the world. And you can do the same or similar things in another area too.

The whole objective is not to lose hope if you do not have any unique ideas. And you end up compromising your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Rather, just identify the right opportunity, and take your leap of faith.

Listen to your conscience and believe in yourself that you can do it better than anyone else out there.

You can start by adding your value to any existing idea or business model and keep growing over time.

The Key is to TAKE A START TODAY. Even if it is out of your garage and you start selling lemonade.

Start your Startup and Create your Own Success Story.

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