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Accelerating Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Accelerating Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Starting a business can be challenging, especially when you are trying to do it alone. We are Startup Consultants, ready to do all the heavy lifting and join your business as your Co-Founder / Strategic Business Partner, so you can focus on your niche.

There is no better time than today to pursue your dream of starting your own business.

Strategic alliance value addition to your business:

  • Improve the quality and efficiency of your operations
  • Economies of scale from combining resources
  • Knowledge-sharing & New Skills Learning
  • Changing the competitive environment
  • Risk sharing among the partners
  • Optimum resource utilization
  • Cross product selling

Your success is our mission

Whether you own a creative idea and planning to launch your startup, want to establish a business but don’t know where to start from or having a lack of resources, skills and expertise, that’s the place where we come on board to fill the gap.

Businesses today are competing in an overly complicated and ever-changing global marketplace hence required a deep understanding on how to navigate the competitive business dynamics. Our professionally trained and experienced team of startup consultants are fully equipped to deliver what it needs to take the business growing.

With our local experience and expertise, we join your business as a working partner / co-founder to give your business a growth beyond expectations.

With today’s rising unemployment, there is a corresponding rise in the number of aspiring entrepreneurs wanted to establish their own business. Most people dream of owning their own business, being the boss, setting the rules, controlling their lives, and earning for themselves and upscaling their lifestyle. Starting a business can be difficult. You have to spend a lot of time and money coming up with an idea or service; testing it; developing its production or operation, marketing and selling it; hiring people; finding a location; sourcing equipment and vendors, and attracting customers. Scaling up your business after the initial success is another challenge. Many of these start-up frustrations are bypassed when you have right team, partners and/or co-founders with you. And this is the place where we come in a strong role to play.