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9 Part-Time Businesses That You Can Start From Home - Startup Business Bureau

9 Part-Time Businesses That You Can Start From Home

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paIf you are among the modern generation that prefers working part-time, then there’s the opportunity of earning extra cash through dog walking or growing vegetables. Though unemployment levels are still down, the latest statistics from the labor market show that there’s an increase in side jobs as employers worry about the long-term profitability of their respective businesses.

Many people nowadays working fewer hours than before, leading to an income gap that needs to be closed. This is surely the perfect time that one can set up a thriving part-time business from home and run it from there. You can do it to make ends meet, follow your dreams, or even both together.

We have compiled a list of 50 reasonable and affordable ways to earn money in your spare time. Though these tips will not guarantee you wealth overnight, working hard and being patient in your preferred hassle shall definitely pay off. Some of them are as follows:


Dealing In Antiques And Collectibles

The main thing is knowing what kinds of collectibles you’re interested in, as well as their overall market value. Online auctioning sites such as eBay make it easier to access the target market.


Look for parents who are in need of a caregiver within your neighborhood, this can be a simple way of making some extra pounds.

Cheap Bed And Breakfast Accommodation

If your house has a spare room then you can lease it out to tourists or students. Nevertheless, you’ll first require some proper planning, mortgage assistance, and even health/safety approvals.

Selling Biscuits Or Sweets

selling bakery items as a part-time business

Making these snacks from home can earn you some good money. Prepare and wrap them well in attractive packages, then try reselling them through an indigenous gift shop. Your friends or family may purchase them in bulk for special occasions.

Cake making/decoration

If you like baking and putting an artistic touch to your products, preparing and designing cakes can be a fulfilling way of earning some extra cash.

Car Boot Auction

It’s a part-time occupation that has the potential of increasing your earnings and widening your horizons. This occurs when you make sales and travel from one place to another. For maximum benefit, prefer selling only the rare-to-find items and create a reputation for yourself as the go-to dealer.

vehicle cleaning business

Vehicle cleaning

Many car owners are nowadays happy to pay a decent sum for quality car cleaning services, just have a keen eye for detail and this can turn out to be the perfect side hassle for you.

Food Catering

This business doesn’t require lots of formal qualifications, the most important skill is producing and delivering quality food. However, certain organizational skills may be necessary especially in hospitality and catering.

Census distributor

After every 10 years census is carried out in Wales and England, the next one will be in 2021 but you can still register early to be selected for various roles in your field of specialization, such as collection or shipment.

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