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7 Cool Startups That Could Be The Next Thing - Startup Business Bureau

7 Cool Startups That Could Be The Next Thing


Startups innovate and simplify loku your day and these seven innovative startups could be the next big things that you end up using every day.

1. Loku


The internet has been great in allowing us to see information from a world view, but Loku brings us back to our own neighborhoods. This hyperlocal startup has been described as the “Google for local” searching and co-founder Dan Street describes it as “A little bit of Google, a little bit of Patch, and a little bit of Yelp.”

Loku consolidates data from local news sources, blogs, reviews, promotions, and social media to develop a neighborhood focus listing of news, insider guides, hot spot hangouts, and more. Loku helps you find the things that are relevant to you right now and right where you are.

Connect with your neighborhood at

2. Uber



When was the last time you were chauffeured in a private Towncar? With Uber, probably this morning! Getting from point A to point B in a big city can be a challenge — but now Uber steps into class up the process and get you where you need to be in style. This San Francisco based startup presents a really cool alternative to the traditional taxi experience by replacing yellow cabs with private limousines. Uber combines car transportation, logistics, and mobile technology to give the consumer a seamless, cashless, and stressless method of getting around town.

Uber dispatches black town cars and luxury SUVs to your door, giving you your own private driver with a few taps of the finger. Payment, including gratuity, is taken care of through linking your card to the Uber app. No cash is needed – ever.

Arrive in style at

3. Giftwhip


This just might be the simplest way to give your friends a gift — anytime, anywhere. In the hustle and bustle of daily life picking out the perfect gift is not always the easiest task – but it’s the best way to brighten a day. Giftwhip has set out to simplify that process by curating an experience of giving gift cards online.

Described by TheNextWeb as “a brilliant idea”, Giftwhip allows users to create wishlists based on their Likes and can tailor gift card purchases toward individual tastes. Giftwhip then tosses out the boring old e-mail gift certificate and replaces it with gorgeous wrapping paper and a peek-proof countdown timer which ensures the recipient cannot open their gift until that special day. Giftwhip brings the experience of unwrapping a gift to the virtual world quickly and easily.

Send a free Giftwhip now at

4. 99Dresses


Do you find yourself having nothing to wear for that big event? 99Dresses steps in to save the day for women everywhere by offering the endless closet. Who doesn’t love an unlimited supply of chic clothing? Instead of emptying your wallet on trends that will be gone by Tuesday, 99Dresses allows users to swap clothing in a peer-to-peer setting. Users upload a dress that they have worn and no longer need and then other users are able to purchase it for their own wardrobe.

Instead of using real currency 99Dresses users trade using “buttons” which can also be bought in the case of a user being short for their purchase.

Limit your style limits at

5. Carsabi


Buying a used car can be a long and tedious process, and the current way we access listings is incredibly fragmented. Enter Carsabi – a search engine dedicated to finding you your perfect used car. Sarabi crawls both dealer listings and personal classifieds to give you a consolidated listing of used cars in your area.

With 67, 888 new vehicles added today, Carsabi already returns more results than industry-leading Autotrader. Launched in February, Carsabi has experienced humongous growth by implementing a social element to the car buying experience.

Find your next car at

6. Voxy


The internet obviously makes us more connected, and in a global economy learning a second (or third, or fourth) language is never a bad idea. Although currently only for Spanish speaking users, Voxy is disrupting the way we learn languages by using location and current events to place language in context. Miniature bite-size lessons are taught over the mobile device allowing Voxy users to learn as they live.

Currently, Voxy only teaches English for Spanish and Portuguese speakers and has been ranked the number one iPhone app in Brazil. Their next plans include introducing lessons for native English speaking users.

Get an invite to the private beta at

7. Exec 


Unfortunately, there are only 1440 minutes in a day, but lucky for you it only takes 10 of those for Exec to find someone to complete any extra tasks you need! For an hourly fee, Exec will pair you up with a personal assistant who will get anything you want to be done – Right now. The list of tasks includes shopping, cleaning, researching, standing in line, turning on the sprinklers, and anything else you can think of! In a time where we are perpetually busy, Exec fills a need by lending that extra hand when you need it.

Time is money, and Exec also answers the call for companies who want to outsource office tasks with a flexible and as-needed workforce. Whether that task is actually answering calls or something else is entirely up to you!

Simplify your life at


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